The history of Chen's clan

From 1938




My father run a workshop on the County Road , Treasure lane No.1 in the 30s, which is theEast Jianguo Road now, specializing the gold and silver ornaments. He is very diligent because he has a large family to rise. Together there are 12 people besides him, my mother, 8 brothers and sisters, as well as my aunt and uncle. My father did a great job on his craftsmanship, which had gain a reputation in local area due to the fine gold and silver ornaments he made.

One day, a tall foreigner with a case in hand came into my father's workshop. He spoke a fluent Chinese and later we got to know that his name was Hurry, a musician from France . Hurry seemed to know my father for a long time and talked with him like an old friend. He said he brought my father a present. When my father opened the present box, he found that it was a well made saxophone. He told my father that he would like to offer the mold, the skill and the money because my father already had the ability to make a fine saxophone with his craftsmanship.


From then on, Hurry and my father became friends. They usually worked deep into night and soon after their first saxophone was completed. My father specially curved a flower on it. Full of joy, the French man invited my father to a western-style food restaurant in the red house area to celebrate their first fruit. Later on, my father's workshop became a small factory and added more workers. My brothers also joined them to make saxophones. Hurry run an instrument shop in the Nanjing road while my father made saxophones for him, most of which were taken to the European markets. With the time going by, Hurry's shop became famous but he left Shanghai after the country's established.


to be continue ...